There are various YouTube channels on Health and Fitness. They are doing very well and providing genuine and true information to their subscribers. But there are also some YouTube channels those are only for generating views and making money. And, claiming things which are unrealistic or also not even possible. They upload such types of videos only for getting visitor’s attention and to earn money. So, be careful while following those channel.

Think Twice Or Thrice Before Following.

There is nothing wrong with subscribing the channel. But following those ways or ideas explained by such types of videos can give you serious damage to your health. Before following such type of unrealistic claims think twice or thrice, or discuss with your family, friends and even doctor.

These days there is a trend of becoming a bodybuilder not for keeping own body healthy and fit but to open a YouTube channel for making money. Earning through this way is not wrong but channel owner should provide information those are real and can be possible.

Satisfy The Needs Of Customer, Money Will Automatically Come.

Making money is not to be the only option for those YouTube creators, they should provide some relevant information which is possible. The money will automatic comes when they satisfy customers or subscribers needs.

There are a large number of videos on YouTube for weight loss and weight gain. Maximum videos tell us to eat this to lose 5kg weight in one week or eat this to gain 5kg in one week or even more, but these videos are only making money by making you fool.

There is well-defined science for weight gain and weight loss, and that is simple –

If you eat more than your maintenance calories you gain weight and if you eat less than you lose weight.

Any claims to weight gain or weight loss in week or month will be real only if you follow the above line.

Another claim of many YouTube channels is for Look Beautiful. I am literally laughing when I see such type of videos which says use this technique or use this paste to look fair and beautiful in one day or in one night. Really? Is that can possible? I don’t think so and maybe you also. Only one advice for such videos – Keep a distance.

Thank you YouTube!

In the past, YouTube’s trending page was filled by only such types of videos and people are enjoying the videos. Genuine, true YouTube creators are working hard to gather information and give it to people but they hardly get large views because people are believing in those videos which claim unrealistic things. I am thanking the YouTube for updating their algorithm to filter and kick out those types of videos from YouTube’s trending page.

I also request you to please do not follow those type of channel. Before following any channel, use your clever mind to decide whether the information is true or not.

Also, if you know such type of YouTube creator who is only motivated by earning through this way, please comment below and help the people to keep the distance from such types of channels.

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